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Volshebnik at May 23, 2010 - comments (0)

Rush is no longer a raiding guild. Main words were said in private, out here I'd just like to thank everyone on Dark Iron for the support over the last 3 years, it was a pleasure representing our server during the progression races. Best of luck everybody, and keep it juicy!

- Volshebnik ... efiend.jpg


Volshebnik at May 4, 2010 - comments (2)

Turtle races, dark iron division!

Don't have photoshop installed right now, so uploading raw screenshots:

Lich King 10:

Movie coming soon

I'm just doing this between films.

Volshebnik at April 8, 2010 - comments (0)

We are currently recruiting the following classes for ICC hard mode raiding and beyond:

- Mage
- Warlock
- Holy Paladin
- Shadow Priest
- Feral Druid (DPS)

As usual, exceptional applicants of all specs and classes will be considered.

Here is one of the most boring and repetitive kill videos only spiced with toasty freaking out here and there, enjoy!

(oh and grats greatrift on his orange hammer)

It's ok.. you can say it. I love you too.

Volshebnik at March 29, 2010 - comments (3)

Professor Purticide down.. months and months behind.

This entire instance has been surreal and can be pretty accurately described by the following video:

Still recruiting people to finish the instance. Kill screenshot coming in a bit.

Will you scratch my back?

Volshebnik at February 26, 2010 - comments (0)

A couple of videos from current progression to keep our millions and millions of fans happy

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We are looking for:
Exceptional players of all classes are welcome to apply


 » Lord Marrowgar
 » Lady Deathwhisper
 » Gunship Battle
 » Deathbringer Saurfang
 » Festergut
 » Rotface
 » Professor Putricide
 » Blood Prince Council
 » Blood-Queen Lana'thel
 » Valithria Dreamwalker
 » Sindragosa
 » The Lich King

H-ToC Complete
 » Northrend Beasts
 » Lord Jaraxxus
 » Faction Champions
 » Fjola & Eydis
 » Anub'arak

Ulduar Complete
 » Flame Leviathan *
 » Ignis the Furnace Master *
 » Razorscale *
 » XT-002 Deconstructor *
 » The Assembly of Iron *
 » Kologarn *
 » Auriaya *
 » Mimiron *
 » Freya *
 » Thorim *
 » Hodir *
 » General Vezax *
 » Yogg-Saron *
 » Algalon the Observer *

 * Hardest mode done